Using up leftover sauce- Eggs Diablo

If you have been following my blog at all, you know I love a nice runny eggs, especially on top of leftovers. I have made this on the blog a while back. If you ever have any leftover sauce, like marinara, meat sauce, or Ragu, you can make this easy recipe. I made some sausage … Continue reading Using up leftover sauce- Eggs Diablo

Leftover Moussaka

A couple of days ago, I ordered some Moussaka from our favorite Greek Place. Moussaka is kind of like a greek lasagna, but instead of pasta, the meat sauce is layered with potatoes and eggplant. It was quite yummy, but very filling, so I brought home leftovers. I opened up the container and immediately thought … Continue reading Leftover Moussaka

Pantry Raid: Chicken and Mushrooms with Yellow Rice

Do you ever wonder, "What the hell are we going to have for dinner? I really don't want to go to the store again this week! We can't do take-out or the drive-thru again!!!! Ahhhh! Why are they always hungry???" I have a simple answer. Eat what you already have. Duh! That sounds easy enough, … Continue reading Pantry Raid: Chicken and Mushrooms with Yellow Rice

Pork Ragu and Cheesy Polenta

Christmas Eve Dinner was pretty delicious, if I do say so myself! I made pork ragu with a nice big pork butt. I also made Giada's cheesy polenta recipe. It was pretty spectacular! I had some again for dinner tonight, and I think it would be amazing for breakfast with a runny egg on top, … Continue reading Pork Ragu and Cheesy Polenta

Greek Food Fun- OPA!

Friday night, we were going to surprise the girls with going to one of our family's favorite places to eat; a greek place named OPA! They have delicious Greek and Persian food.The girls were feeling a bit under the weather, so we didn't end up going. Today they started acting more like themselves. This am … Continue reading Greek Food Fun- OPA!