Baked Tacos

Evening kids! Taco night is upon us, so I thought I would change it up a bit. So, you know those crunchy taco shells you are supposed to bake in your toaster oven or oven before you all all your ingredients? Well, most of the time, some of them get burned or not at all…

One Pot Chicken, Mushrooms,and Potatoes

Hey guys! I made this dinner last night. I wanted to do a chicken and mushrooms of some sort. I thought of doing my creamy chicken and mushrooms, but I wanted something lighter. I had some beautiful potatoes I got at the farmer’s market, so I decided to make this dish. It was pretty delicious!…

Roasted Eggplant Dip

So yesterday I bought a beautiful eggplant at the farmer’s market. I was thinking of what I could do with it; parmesan, rollatini, pasta, lasagna, etc. I was researching online to see what else was out there. Apparently, there are tons of ways to prepare eggplant. I kept seeing tons of different recipes for dips….

Chicken and Veggie Alfredo Pasta

So remember last night when I made that awesome slow braised chili beef? Yeah, well, we actually ate it tonight! It was so good, but I knew the girls would not eat it. I didn’t even make them try it. It was too spicy and smoky for them, so I made them this back-up meal….

Summer Tomato Sandwich

Not much can beat the taste of a summer tomato sandwich. I picked 2 tomatoes from my garden this afternoon. I promptly cleaned one of my beauties and sliced it up. A sprinkle of salt and pepper. White bread of some sort is best- I had a loaf of soft french bread, so I broke…