Catch Up…

Hey friends! It is almost spring break!!!! Here are a few pics from this past week...  Brutus begging for Bugels    Chess playing captured on camera.     Pasta Prinevera- A Blue Apron meal- Mushrooms, Spinach, Asparagus, Fettichini, Greek Yogurt, Parm Cheese. YUM!!!!    Foul play before the official Easter basket pic could be taken. … Continue reading Catch Up…

Weekend Wrap Up 3/20/16

This Saturday was all about CHEER! Uniform fittings and another long day of competitions. I was surrounded by cheerleaders ALL DAY LONG. Becca was so excited to compete! Getting her cheer make-up done...     They won! National Champions...first place with no deductions at all! Today we slept in late. I did lots of laundry … Continue reading Weekend Wrap Up 3/20/16

Friday Faves

My Friday... Katie's first grade Fairy Tale Ball- She was Ariel...                 Laundry and a visit to a Dr. =  not my fave   Hubby was late tonight, so I took Becca to cheer practice. I ordered my favorite; Indian take-out.  I made Katie her favorites; sunny side up eggs and toasted English muffins. 

Pantry Raid- Sausage and Fennel Pasta with Arugula

Hey guys! I hope everyone is well. I didn't really get a chance to blog this weekend. It was pretty busy. Becca had a cheer competition and her team won first place! Sunday we went to see Zootopia. It was a great movie! I highly recommend it. I didn't add a meal plan this week, … Continue reading Pantry Raid- Sausage and Fennel Pasta with Arugula