Catch Up…

Hey friends! It is almost spring break!!!! Here are a few pics from this past week…  Brutus begging for Bugels    Chess playing captured on camera.     Pasta Prinevera- A Blue Apron meal- Mushrooms, Spinach, Asparagus, Fettichini, Greek Yogurt, Parm Cheese. YUM!!!!    Foul play before the official Easter basket pic could be taken….

Weekend Wrap Up 3/20/16

This Saturday was all about CHEER! Uniform fittings and another long day of competitions. I was surrounded by cheerleaders ALL DAY LONG. Becca was so excited to compete! Getting her cheer make-up done…     They won! National Champions…first place with no deductions at all! Today we slept in late. I did lots of laundry…

Friday Faves

My Friday… Katie’s first grade Fairy Tale Ball- She was Ariel…                 Laundry and a visit to a Dr. =  not my fave   Hubby was late tonight, so I took Becca to cheer practice. I ordered my favorite; Indian take-out.  I made Katie her favorites; sunny side up eggs and toasted English muffins. 

Catching Up =)

Hey guys! I hope everyone is having a great day. I think it has been an entire week since I have blogged. Here are some pics and fun shenanigans of the past week and weekend.   Happy birthday Becca!!! Today is her actual birthday. She brought doughnuts to school and they were a hit!

Pantry Raid- Sausage and Fennel Pasta with Arugula

Hey guys! I hope everyone is well. I didn’t really get a chance to blog this weekend. It was pretty busy. Becca had a cheer competition and her team won first place! Sunday we went to see Zootopia. It was a great movie! I highly recommend it. I didn’t add a meal plan this week,…