This Slaw, Ya’ll!!!!!!!

This slaw is EVERYTHING! I first had a version of this at Fresh Market's deli counter. ┬áI really have no idea how they make it, but this is my take on it. ┬áI am eating the rest of this for breakfast... Next I am going to attempt to conquer their broccoli salad! Poppy Seed Slaw … Continue reading This Slaw, Ya’ll!!!!!!!

Tofu and Veggie Tikka Masala 

Evening friends! So yesterday I made this delicious vegetarian┬áIndian meal. I bought the sauce, some tofu, and some quick cooking lentils this week for dinner┬áwhen I thought I was going to have a night at home by┬ámyself. Well, in my previous post, you see I had a random date night. ┬áI decided to cook this … Continue reading Tofu and Veggie Tikka Masala┬á

Surprise Date Night 

The hubby and I only get a few date nights. Some are planned and some are unexpected. ┬áI was planning on going to a Barre class, but the hubby got off earlier than expected. Normally I would stand by my workout class, but since it is summer I am able to workout a lot more … Continue reading Surprise Date Night┬á

Cheeseburgers and Home Fries

Morning! Last night┬áI made this yummy meal... Home Fries- 3 Idaho potatoes cut in to wedges coated with olive oil, salt, pepper, and thyme. Roasted in the oven for 30 minutes.   The Burger... I took a pound of meat and let it come to room temperature. ┬áTo the meat I simply added salt, pepper, … Continue reading Cheeseburgers and Home Fries