Evening friends! Tonight I made these easy yummy sliders. The girls were in two different locations for cheer tonight, but luckily we have a carpool system going on. It is all good, but makes for a late dinner.  I bought some premade beef sliders from Publix. I doused them with salt, pepper, and a bit…

Weekly Meal Plan 8/20/16

Hey guys! Hope your weekend is going well! Last night we all decided to go to Mexican for dinner. I got a steak quesadilla and a cheese stuffed poblano. Of course there was chips, queso,  and margaritas involved! Today has been pretty great! We had to wake up early and take Rebecca to her first game….

Mason Jar Salad

Lunch tomorrow! Bottom to top… Blue Cheese Dressing, leftover chicken, quinoa and brown rice combo, carrots, cucumbers, blueberries, and lettuce.  Just need to shake and eat! So healthy!

Quick, Easy, and Healthy

I added some chicken with this for a super healthy lunch. I was skeptical about this boxed mix, but it turned out very yummy!  

Chicken Pasta Carbonara

Hey guys! Here is what I made for dinner last night. The family loved it! Can’t go wrong with bacon and pasta, though! See ya back here later for an easy healthy lunch recipe! Chicken Pasta Carbonara Ingredients 2 chicken breasts, cut in to bite sized pieces 1 Tbsp olive oil or unsalted butter 1/2…