Girls Night In—-STEAK!!!!!

Perfect Ribeye with Green Beans. I added the green beans with 2 tablespoons of butter, then added the heavily salted and peppered steak.  5 minutes on each side on the stove top (constantly moving around the green beans) and then in the oven on 375 for just under 5 minutes. Behold the glory…

Chicken Carbonara

Evening guys! Catching up on the blog this week. My girls have discovered Netflix and You Tube, so they have been dominating my computer. It really sucks to blog on my phone! Last night I made this yummy pasta. Looking at adding the leftover pasta to my pork dish tomorrow night! Chicken Carbonara INGREDIENTS 2 … Continue reading Chicken Carbonara

December Cheer

A diner breakfast...nothing says getting in the spirit more than reindeer pancakes and a set of ears and nose to match!   Celebrating our Sweet Lizzie at Kani House, which was one of her favorite places to eat. The hubby and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary last night. We had sushi and went and saw … Continue reading December Cheer