Beer Battered Tilapia

Tonight, I made beer battered fish Tilapia, Mac and cheese, and broccoli. The family always goes crazy for it! I got this recipe for beer battered fish from Alton Brown. Ingredients- 1 1/2 pounds of firm-fleshed white fish like cod or Tilapia Beer Batter- Whisk the following in a medium mixing bowl: 1 cup all-purpose … Continue reading Beer Battered Tilapia

Turkey Sandwiches are my life now..

January has been a rough month. Lots of crazy work stuff and family life etc. etc. etc. Still sticking to the basics when all of Fam is home. Pastas, chicken, crock pot meals... When the hubby is out of town for work, rouge cooking takes place; eggs, cereal, Indian take out, tofu with rice... but … Continue reading Turkey Sandwiches are my life now..