Best Box Pancake/Waffle Mix

I have no shame. This is the best box mix ever! I add either vanilla, honey, or maple syrup to the batter. I have just added a tablespoon of sugar, than everyone can add syrup or fruit compote if they want.

Welcome Fall!

Maybe it will be short lived, but I am loving this weather! I live in Georgia, so the weather here has a mind of it's own. I am hoping this gorgeous weather continues. If I could live in a world with half the year at 90 degrees and the other half at 70 degrees, I … Continue reading Welcome Fall!

Mexican Pizza

Apparently Taco Bell is getting rid of this famous dish. I am a secret Taco Bell fan from when I used to be a vegan. Bean Burrito, no cheese, no onion was my order. My husband loves this dish, so he wanted me to make it so he would never lose it. DUH. He had … Continue reading Mexican Pizza

Catching Up…

Hello lovelies. How have you guys been? So we are in week 5 now of school. It seems crazy that we are already here at this point. Everything is just so weird and different, and I cannot even explain it. The kids seem to be catching on to this strange new way of learning, and … Continue reading Catching Up…