Watermelon Slushies

I follow everything Chrissy Teigen does, so when I saw this right before I was about to yell at my daughter for not eating the watermelon she begged me for, I quietly followed all these directions. Except I didn't have mint. Oh well, still a tasty summer drink! Link to the recipe in the caption … Continue reading Watermelon Slushies

Atlanta Beer Shout Out

So many local beers are awesome. Here is my new favorite! Such a great smooth hoppy flavor. Sometimes the hops are too much, but not this beer! Can't wait to try more of their line! https://atlantabrewing.com/

Strawberry Mojito

Love this summer cocktail! Ever since we have been home from the beach, I get it out almost every time we go to dinner. It is my new favorite! So I have made it my mission to perfect the Mojito at home. I may or may not have gone through an entire bottle of rum. Just … Continue reading Strawberry Mojito