Friday Night Alfredo

Looks like a decadent meal I spent a long time on, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! All it took was a shredded rotisserie chicken from the store, a box of pasta, frozen broccoli, and 2 jars of Alfredo sauce. Why do they make the Alfredo sauce in such smaller jars than marinara? … Continue reading Friday Night Alfredo

One Pot Lasagna

Hey there guys! I posted this recipe a while back, but I always make changes to it each time. This was the easiest one yet. Not only is it easy, it is such a huge time saver to cook lasagna, one of our families favorites. Since school is starting back soon, I thought I would … Continue reading One Pot Lasagna

No Shame In My Bisquick Game!

Lots of fun ways on the blog to make pancakes on the blog... and are a couple of my favorites. But today was SUPER EASY because I used Original Bisquick Pancake and Waffle Mix. I just followed the directions and added blueberries! Super easy and yummy 😉