Jam and Toast- Suwanee, Ga

Yummy brunch with Rebecca. Tomato and Avocado Benedict. Beautiful salad with Black Sesame dressing. Can’t forget my quinoa hash browns! Love this place!

Green Chili Pork Soup

School started back, so I’m jumping in to fall early by making my favorite fall soup. in the crockpot, so super easy! 1 boneless pork butt, 2 7oz cans of green chilies, 1 large can puréed tomato, 1 container of beef broth. A little salt. A little pepper. Low for 8-10 hours in the crock…

Vegetarian Breakfast Sandwiches

Vegan sausage patties. Sunny side up eggs. Cheese if you want. For me and Katie, salt and a sprinkle of pepper is all we needed.


Move over Chipotle. I love this place more than anything.

Saltine Pork Chops

The girls and I love pork chops. My husband, not so much. Rebecca has been crazy busy with cheer and pet sitting, so when she asked for pork chops and for a family dinner, of course we said yes! I forgot to buy her favorite Shake and Bake coating, but I improvised instead and used…