Patty Melting My Heart…

"Hey, Rebecca? Dinner at 6:30!" "What are we having?" "Cheeseburgers. More specifically, Patty Melts." "From where?" "What do you mean? My kitchen!!! Cafe Mom!" Usually Patty Melts are made with caramalized onions, swiss cheese, and Rye bread, but you use what you have and what everyone likes... I took a pound of ground chuck and … Continue reading Patty Melting My Heart…

Cheesy Steak Sandwiches

Happy Sunday! Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Today the hubby is smoking some ribs, so we have that to look forward to tonight for dinner! Last night I made these Cheesy Steak Sandwiches, except I cooked the meat apart from the veggies. Now that the girls are getting older, they are actually getting … Continue reading Cheesy Steak Sandwiches

Smoked Flank Steak Fajitas

Tonight we made some delicious fajitas by smoking a flank steak on our Komodo Joe smoker. I made a simple rub with salt, pepper, onion powder, galic powder, cumin, smoked chile powder, and smoked paprika. Really no measurements- just played it by ear. Smoked until the internal temp was 130, then pulled it off and … Continue reading Smoked Flank Steak Fajitas

Pantry Beef Stroganoff

So a few nights ago, I made this yummy pasta dish. Usually I make Beef Stroganoff in a crock pot , but this recipe is even easier! I had these pretty pasta shells, a pound of ground chuck, frozen broccoli, a jar of Alfredo sauce, a little bit of heavy cream, and a little bit … Continue reading Pantry Beef Stroganoff