Taco Salad Accidentally on Purpose

You know those corn tortilla shells? The ones in the box. The ones that break unless you take extra careful care of them and even then it is a mystery. Well, I love them, heat them up, and break them up on purpose now and make a huge taco salad. I add all the fixings. … Continue reading Taco Salad Accidentally on Purpose

Squash Explosion Quesadilla

Summer squash is all over the farmers market. I LOVE every squash, but there is just something about the squash in the summer. It is just so perfect. This week my favorite stand these cute little guys... Anyways, I am always finding new ways to add them to my food. The other night the family … Continue reading Squash Explosion Quesadilla

Smoked Flank Steak Fajitas

Tonight we made some delicious fajitas by smoking a flank steak on our Komodo Joe smoker. I made a simple rub with salt, pepper, onion powder, galic powder, cumin, smoked chile powder, and smoked paprika. Really no measurements- just played it by ear. Smoked until the internal temp was 130, then pulled it off and … Continue reading Smoked Flank Steak Fajitas

Mexican Pizza

Apparently Taco Bell is getting rid of this famous dish. I am a secret Taco Bell fan from when I used to be a vegan. Bean Burrito, no cheese, no onion was my order. My husband loves this dish, so he wanted me to make it so he would never lose it. DUH. He had … Continue reading Mexican Pizza

Steak Fajitas

I made these a few nights ago. Everyone was super hungry and attacked the pan and gobbled up everything before I could get a picture. I used cut up sirloin from the prepackaged meat section. I also used pre-packaged chopped up veggies in a bag from the produce section. It was a blend with every … Continue reading Steak Fajitas