First Summer Farmers Market!

So the farmerโ€™s market near me has been open for a few weeks. Today is the first day I wentโ€ฆ it was glorious! I went a little vegetarian crazy and got veggie samosas, mushroom matar curry sauce, paneer butter masala, veggie tamales and green medium sauce and a couple of veggie pies. I also got a few beautiful foraged mushrooms that I might add to my paneer masala.

Wow Poke N Juice

First time visit, but not the last. Tofu, chickpeas, carrots, spinach, black olives, pineapple, sesame seeds, brown rice, and quinoa. Delicious. Came with a miso soup. I got 2 juices, the Sweet Madam (pineapple, apple, strawberry, orange, and ginger) and the ABC( apple, beet, carrot, lemon).

Hands down, best miso soup ever! and the bowl and juice were full of flavor with sesame oil and the house sauce. There are lots of sauces, but these were my favorites.

If you have one of these near you, check it out!

Vegan and Gluten FREE! Ramen with Tofu

So I took a trip to Fresh Market. I was craving noodles, so I found decided on this… I ate the entire dish from the pot except the 2 servings I set aside for my favorite neighbor and my lunch.

My first prep was to press and drain the tofu. I did that in the sink with the tofu in a drainer, a bowl at the bottom, and a heavy pan on top. I also chopped a shallot and 3 little sweet peppers (or one large one).

I cooked the shallot, peppers, and mushrooms in peanut oil in a medium enamel cast iron pan for about 15 minutes.

I sliced the tofu in half through the middle, then chopped it in to cubes. I browned it in peanut oil for 10 minutes.

2 pans.

I added the raw noodles and the whole bottle of sauce to the veggie pot plus one cup of water. 5 minutes.

Last minute stir in the tofu and snap peas.

Delicious and healthy!

Roasted Cauliflower and Broccoli with Nutritional Yeast

Evening guys! Hope you are having fun watching the Superbowl or not watching the Superbowl. I am watching the commercials on You Tube as they come out ๐Ÿ˜‰ Our power was out for a couple hours, so I ate some chips and drank some wine in the dark surrounded by candles.

When the power came back on, I made these yummy oven roasted veggies. I use to buy nutritional yeast all the time back when I was a vegan/vegetarian. It has a very strong nutty and cheesy flavor which I love. I used to add it to everything, but my favorite thing to add it to was popcorn. It was my favorite late night snack after aerobics class in college ๐Ÿ™‚

I had a small head of cauliflower and broccoli, so I doused them with olive oil, salt, pepper, and this nutritional yeast. I roasted them for 30 minutes or so at 350, or until tender, depending on how many veggies you have. You could do this with any veggies, these are just the ones I had in the fridge. Rebecca and I LOVED it. Katie would not even try it, because she only likes her veggies steamed…

Tofu Veggie Noodle Stir Fry

I made this super easy vegan meal tonight! Dump and Stir Fry ๐Ÿ˜‰

Cooked stir fry veggies that came with their own sauce (from Sprouts in the veggie section) with 1 block of pressed tofu chopped in cubes. I added a couple of teaspoons of sesame oil and teriyaki sauce to coat everything. I cooked a pack of Chinese noodles according to the package (like 2 minutes) and added to the pan. Always stir to combine. I topped with a few random peanuts I had in the pantry. CRUNCH!

This probably should serve 4, but it will serve 3. My dinner tonight and 2 other meals this week for me ๐Ÿ˜‰ The fam had pork tenderloin that they loved.