Squash Explosion Quesadilla

Summer squash is all over the farmers market. I LOVE every squash, but there is just something about the squash in the summer. It is just so perfect. This week my favorite stand these cute little guys…

Anyways, I am always finding new ways to add them to my food. The other night the family went to a local Mexican restaurant where I ordered the Chili Rellenos; 2 deep fried cheese stuffed poblano peppers, refried beans, and rice. So good, but too much! I brought the leftover poblano home in hopes to do something with it. Here is my creation…

I diced 1 green and 1 yellow squash, 3 baby portabella mushrooms, and my leftover poblano chopped and added it to a skillet. I cooked them all in olive oil with a little salt, pepper, and chili powder for a little kick. I also had a bit of rice leftover that I threw in. The whole cook time was about 8 minutes on medium high heat, stirring occasionally.

I like to treat my quesadillas just like grilled cheese, so I buttered one side of 2 small tortillas. I sprayed cooking oil to a non-stick skillet and heated the pan on medium high. Then I added the veggie mixture to the first tortilla and placed it buttered side down. Then I added a nice handful of shredded Mexican cheese blend. I added the top hat tortilla butter side up. I peeked at the bottom with my spatula and when it was brown and crispy, 3-4 minutes, I carefully flipped it. Same time on the other side, plus all that glorious cheese will be melting. Nothing better that this…

Maybe a side of sour cream and guac 😉

Goat Cheese Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms

The farmer’s market near me is in full swing! Gorgeous strawberries, peaches, lettuces, and tons of fresh veggies and honey. Katie loves coming with me to indulge in the flavored honey sticks, fresh bread, and doughnuts. It is my happy place 😉 I spied the last package of these gorgeous squash blossoms, so I got them, of course!

First I took out the staamen (super bitter), then I gently rinsed them with water. They are super delicate, but they also may have some bugs living inside, so clean them. I leave the stem on to help keep them together, but cut them off at the end.

I filled these guys up with herbed goat cheese. You could use cream cheese, ricota, mozzarella, add chopped herbs, or whatever cheese combo you have on hand. I have made these fried in oil and baked in the oven, but I wondered about the possibility of using my air fryer. It worked! I made a simple batter of 1 cup flour, 1 tablespoon corn starch, 1 egg, and some soda water mixed well. I have also used beer before with rice flour, which is also great.

Air Fryer- 400 for 4 minutes. Check and turn over. Cook for about 4 more minutes. The cheese will escape and that is fine. SO GOOD!

Chicken and Veggie Pesto Pasta

Happy Sunday, ya’ll! Going to be a crazy week filled with practices and curriculum night for Becca’s school and my school! Made this yummy pasta for lunches and fast dinners this week. Super easy…I cooked pasta, sauteed some chicken breasts cut in thin strips and veggies (zucchini, yellow squash, and sweet peppers) from the farmers. market, and mixed in a few tablespoons of farmers’ market  pesto at the end. Delish!