Squash Explosion Quesadilla

Summer squash is all over the farmers market. I LOVE every squash, but there is just something about the squash in the summer. It is just so perfect. This week my favorite stand these cute little guys…

Anyways, I am always finding new ways to add them to my food. The other night the family went to a local Mexican restaurant where I ordered the Chili Rellenos; 2 deep fried cheese stuffed poblano peppers, refried beans, and rice. So good, but too much! I brought the leftover poblano home in hopes to do something with it. Here is my creation…

I diced 1 green and 1 yellow squash, 3 baby portabella mushrooms, and my leftover poblano chopped and added it to a skillet. I cooked them all in olive oil with a little salt, pepper, and chili powder for a little kick. I also had a bit of rice leftover that I threw in. The whole cook time was about 8 minutes on medium high heat, stirring occasionally.

I like to treat my quesadillas just like grilled cheese, so I buttered one side of 2 small tortillas. I sprayed cooking oil to a non-stick skillet and heated the pan on medium high. Then I added the veggie mixture to the first tortilla and placed it buttered side down. Then I added a nice handful of shredded Mexican cheese blend. I added the top hat tortilla butter side up. I peeked at the bottom with my spatula and when it was brown and crispy, 3-4 minutes, I carefully flipped it. Same time on the other side, plus all that glorious cheese will be melting. Nothing better that this…

Maybe a side of sour cream and guac šŸ˜‰

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