Vegan and Gluten FREE! Ramen with Tofu

So I took a trip to Fresh Market. I was craving noodles, so I found decided on this… I ate the entire dish from the pot except the 2 servings I set aside for my favorite neighbor and my lunch.

My first prep was to press and drain the tofu. I did that in the sink with the tofu in a drainer, a bowl at the bottom, and a heavy pan on top. I also chopped a shallot and 3 little sweet peppers (or one large one).

I cooked the shallot, peppers, and mushrooms in peanut oil in a medium enamel cast iron pan for about 15 minutes.

I sliced the tofu in half through the middle, then chopped it in to cubes. I browned it in peanut oil for 10 minutes.

2 pans.

I added the raw noodles and the whole bottle of sauce to the veggie pot plus one cup of water. 5 minutes.

Last minute stir in the tofu and snap peas.

Delicious and healthy!

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