Pantry Cooking

So I am stuck at home just like many of you. We eat eggs and toast. There is a lot of cereal being eaten. Lots of grilled cheese and quesadillas. Some take out, here and there…

But I haven’t made anything new in a long time. I am going to try to challenge myself to cook something with what I have. I do probably need to go to the store tomorrow and get some fresh stuff, if possible. The last time it looked like everyone who never ate a salad in their life bought up all the produce, so we will see what I can find. I will try and report back here very soon.

Here is a look in to my pantry. My fridge has a fair amount of things like bacon, ham, turkey, cheese, yogurt, eggs, tofu, hummus, cream cheese, sour cream, olives, and the usual condiments. My freezer is filled with frozen veggies, vegetarian sausage and burgers, ground beef, fish sticks, and frozen breakfast stuff.

I am going to pretend I am on Chopped and make something new-ish at least a few times a week.

Snacks and cereal galore!

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