New Adventures

Hello family and friends! I started this blog when Lizzie was sick and cooking made my soul feel better. It blossomed into something I loved to do and continue to be obsessed with. The girls have gotten older and our family food adventures have changed. I will still randomly post recipes, but maybe more restaurants and cookbook reviews, and fun trips… I don’t know. I love sharing my food adventures and inspiring you to get in the kitchen!

Last night my husband and I had a great date night at Seasons 52. I had a rare steak and he had the Cedar Plank salmon. Amazing restaurant for friends and family and celebrating anything. Also the dessert cups are so good!!!

Catching Up…

Hello lovelies. How have you guys been? So we are in week 5 now of school. It seems crazy that we are already here at this point. Everything is just so weird and different, and I cannot even explain it. The kids seem to be catching on to this strange new way of learning, and the teachers only have to just keep doing our best. On the home front, we are busy back with school, homework, and cheer. I just have to breathe, relax, and find balance 😉

Food and recipes have been mostly repeats of favorites. Here are a few that we have enjoyed… Hope to come soon with more!

Oven Roasted Chicken and Potatoes- Brown 4 chicken thighs in a cast iron skillet. That out the chicken, put in potatoes, and put the chicken back on top. Cook at 375 for about 40-45 minutes- potatoes should be tender and chicken will be perfect!

Avocado Toast with Scrambled Eggs

All the pastas…

Pantry Cooking

So I am stuck at home just like many of you. We eat eggs and toast. There is a lot of cereal being eaten. Lots of grilled cheese and quesadillas. Some take out, here and there…

But I haven’t made anything new in a long time. I am going to try to challenge myself to cook something with what I have. I do probably need to go to the store tomorrow and get some fresh stuff, if possible. The last time it looked like everyone who never ate a salad in their life bought up all the produce, so we will see what I can find. I will try and report back here very soon.

Here is a look in to my pantry. My fridge has a fair amount of things like bacon, ham, turkey, cheese, yogurt, eggs, tofu, hummus, cream cheese, sour cream, olives, and the usual condiments. My freezer is filled with frozen veggies, vegetarian sausage and burgers, ground beef, fish sticks, and frozen breakfast stuff.

I am going to pretend I am on Chopped and make something new-ish at least a few times a week.

Snacks and cereal galore!

Some Spring Break Pics…

It is Spring Break in Georgia. Usually we just hang out at home and do some Staycation activities (movies, aquarium, zoo, downtown stuff, etc…). Occasionally we get to go on a vacation as a family. A couple of years ago, we went to Washington D.C. and had a blast! This year, we were supposed to go on a cruise, but that wasn’t in the cards (thanks, Royal Caribbean #firstworldproblems).

Instead, we decided to go to Disney! They first time we went was 8 years ago for Lizzie’s Make A Wish trip. Then we went 5 years ago, because we knew it would be the last time we could go with Lizzie. This year we went to the main 3 parks and rode almost every single ride- except Pandora in Animal Kingdom, because the girls were not interested in standing in an almost 3 hour line for something they didn’t know about. If we had a fast pass maybe, but no…

Our first stop was Give Kids the World. We stayed there on Lizzie’s Make a Wish trip. It was so special and moving. It has been built up so much since the last time we had been. New rides and growth for families. We even got to walk by the cottage we stayed in. They gave us free lunch and ice cream 😉

Next stop… Embassy Suites right outside the parks. Thanks to the hubby’s job, we have lots of points and perks staying here. I am sure that staying inside the park is magical, but this hotel was amazing! Amazing pool, kids corner (Wii, Nintendo, art,  games, free cotton candy, etc), free breakfast, free happy hour, cheap pizza and ice cream all day and night, Disney movies streaming all day and night, plus basketball for the fans…img_5480img_5483img_5274

Next stop… Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Animal Kingdom

Food Highlights…

Spaghetti and Meatballs


Pinot Grigio, Grilled Veggie Pesto Sandwich, and Italian Salad (note to self, add fennel to salad).


Churros with Caramel and a mango margarita for Mama img_5262

Epic Epcot dinner- Steak Kabobs and Fries for the girls, Steak Kabobs and Moroccan carrots and rice for the hubby, and Lemon Olive Tangine Chicken with Potatoes for me. So amazing!img_5642img_5644img_5643

Epcot dessert-  Macaroons, Creme Brulee, Chocolate Mousse, and Napoleon- Perfection!img_5650

Great vacation! Can’t wait to see where our next adventure takes us!


Flexitarian- My body is telling me to eat less meat…

I’ve decided that even though I love bacon and still will cook some occasional meat for my family, I’m going to be a (mostly) vegetarian again. I’ve realized how much better I feel not eating meat. I will still eat the occasional meat/seafood dish that I want, but I’m going mostly vegetarian again just for my own body. I’ll still post all my recipes on my blog, meat or not!