Jam and Toast- Suwanee, Ga

Yummy brunch with Rebecca. Tomato and Avocado Benedict. Beautiful salad with Black Sesame dressing. Can’t forget my quinoa hash browns! Love this place!


Move over Chipotle. I love this place more than anything.

Gordo’s Pizza-Duluth

Another night with girls at practice! 2 slices of my faves- Artichoke and ricotta and Veggie with black and green olives, mushrooms, and tomatoes. This place is one of my favorite pizza spots in the area!

Fried Avocado Tacos-Hacienda Suwanee

Amazing. Beautiful. Perfect. Yummy. I forgot to eat. Weird, right? I took my daughter to practice and was craving tacos, so I went here. No longer hungry 🙂

La Belle Vie

So I said I was changing up this blog. First is with more friends and restaurants. Second, I LOVE writing and don’t want to give it up. I love telling my story, and if no one wants to listen or read it, I don’t care. I love it, and that is all that matters. Today…