Quiet Dinner for Mom

Tonight the girls had tumbling practice, and I dropped them off. The girls wanted eggs and cereal for dinner, and I knew that I needed something else besides that. I contemplated sushi or a gyro, but then I saw this cute little Mexican restaurant on the corner of one of the shopping centers near their gym and decided to go in for a little treat for myself. I don’t get to do that very often; go out to dinner by myself. I selected the artichoke dip and crab cakes.  I may have even had a small margarita 😉 Armando’ Caribe in Duluth, Ga is amazing! 

Tucking for Tacos…

Happy New Year! I started the year off right by going to an Orangetheory class (THE ultimate HIIT workout), Barre class, and eating lots of clean food including margaritas and tacos! My secret for eating lots of great food???? Eat half and save the rest for leftovers! Except the margaritas. You should just share a small pitcher with someone you ❤

Margaritas and Bean Tacos
Bean tacos included some sour cream and guacamole
Cheese Poblano

No Shame

Becca has been begging for Sonic for a long time, now. I have tried to forget that she ever requested this, but too much time has passed. When I asked her what she wanted for dinner, without skipping a beat, she asked for Sonic again. So Becca got her beloved mozzarella sticks and tater tot’s, Katie got her cute little cheeseburger, and I had a pretty yummy grilled cheese with a stolen tater tot or two or half of the large size😂😂😂.

Turns out that we ❤️ Sonic. See you again in the fast food rotation in a few weeks when I feel like closing my kitchen after a mind-numbing day! 

Full disclosure- those mozzarella sticks were so yummy, too! 

Surprise Date Night 

The hubby and I only get a few date nights. Some are planned and some are unexpected.  I was planning on going to a Barre class, but the hubby got off earlier than expected.

Normally I would stand by my workout class, but since it is summer I am able to workout a lot more than normal. Since school has gotten out, I have already taken many classes and rocked the gym in the last few weeks; HIITT, Bootcamp, Pilates, Barre, Yoga, Cardiolaties (trampoline and weights), Hubalates (hullahoop and more), Piloxing (Pilates and boxing), and cardio  (walking Brutus, treadmill, StairMaster, and elliptical). I think the Barre can wait until the morning.

So we hit up our favorite sushi place and enjoyed some alone time.

My pick was Tempura Soft Shell Crab

His pick was pan fried dumplings…

Our Sushi lovers for the night…


We also got some eel and salmon unami (not pictured)…

Clean plates…


Cinco de Mayo

 Like I really need an excuse to eat tacos and drink a big ass margarita! 😜🌮🍺
Beautiful Grilled Shrimp Tacos with some rad green tomatillo sauce!   
I hope you ate lots of tacos and drank margaritas/ tequila/beer on this mostly American holiday (seriously, only one state in Mexico celebrates). 

Mommy’s Choice

Monday I had a night with my girls, so after I picked Becca up from Cheer, I decided we were going  out to dinner. I chose Opa, one of our Mediterranean faves.

Avgolemono Soup (Lemon and Chicken)



Falafel, hummus,  taziki

Tonight was my choice as well…Oven roasted Chicken Thighs and Legs—-375 for an hour or so with a good handful of salt, pepper, poultry seasoning and a hearty supply of olive oil. I served with rice, corn, and a side salad. Perfection! Happy family!

Flowers for Lizzie



A couple of pics with my girls 003002