One Pot Vegan Meal-Veggie and Rice Stew

Evening guys! Today was an amazing first day of school. My kids were so cute and I think this year is going to be pretty special.

It has been a super busy day, like I knew it would be. I actually made this last night. This is a one pot vegan meal, so feel free to add meat, beans, or cheese if you so choose!

I took all my veggies from the farmer’s market and sliced them up; eggplant, peppers, squash, okra, tomatoes, and an onion.

First, I heated up a couple tablespoons of olive oil. I saut̩ed my onions for a few minutes before adding the rest of the veggies. I also added a glass of white wine РPino Grigio. I stirred them all together then added 2 small cans of diced tomatoes. I added 1/2 cup of rice. I stirred occasionally adding more liquid (wine, veggie stock, or water) when needed.

I cooked until rice was done, about 20 minutes.



So good!!!!

What is your favorite veggie meal?

Vegetarian Vegetable Soup

Hey guys! These last few weeks have been kinda slow on the blog. We have had the stomach bug floating around and lots of late nights. Hopefully, I will be cooking more starting this weekend!!! This is a recipe I just created tonight. I really wanted soup and went through my fridge, freezer, and cabinets to come up with this recipe. I just feel like this should be considered a classic vegetable soup recipe. This is not only vegetarian, but vegan as well. No butter or meat at all. PROMISE!!!!!! I could eat this all winter. I hope you make this and add it to your soup recipes.

So when you think of vegetable soup, you think of vegetables, right? Me, too. Well, most “vegetable” soups out there actually are made with beef or chicken stock and even, GASP, ground beef!!!! Well, I have a little bit more respect for vegetable soup. The integrity of the vegetable soup remains intact with this recipe. If you love your veggies, this soup is for you!

Vegetarian Vegetable Soup

Take the following and cook down for 10 minutes or longer in 3 tablespoons of olive oil
Garlic- 3 cloves thinly chopped or grated
1 med. onion cut in thin slices
4-6 carrots sliced
4-6 celery stalks sliced
2 potatoes peeled and cut in to chunks
Salt and pepper to taste
3 tablespoons of tomato paste
1 can of green chilies
1 can white beans- drained and rinsed
1 can tomato sauce plus 1 can of water
Add at least 2 cups of red wine =) No stock in this at all. You could add veggie stock, but I would rather add more wine and water.
Cook for another 10 minutes
Add some frozen veggies right at the end…I think corn, peas, and green beans are classic. Cook until frozen veggies are done, about 15 minutes or so.