Meal Planning 8/4

This last week has been pretty crazy, and I am guessing this week will be pretty much of the same as last week. Back to work and school after a nice summer off is always a hard transition. I was going to make the fish on Friday, but we ended up having Five Guys with my parents. Then I was going to make it on Sat. but it still wasn’t defrosted! So we decided to go out to Chilis. I had shrimp tacos with a watermelon cooler drink. It was delicious.

So here is my meal plan for the week.

Sunday- Oven baked crunchy fish, salad, and waffle fries

Monday-Bacon Wrapped cheesy hot dogs, baked beans, broccoli

Tuesday- Chicken Teriyaki and rice

Wednesday- Leftover lasagna from the freezer

Thursday- Leftover Chicken Caccitore from the freezer

Friday- Date Night!

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