Tomato Tortilla Soup

So after tonight you won’t have to hear anymore about my Ragu sauce…for now…
I took the rest of the sauce and pureed it in a blender with a bit of chicken stock. That was my soup. I heated it on low while I fried up my tortillas. I took vegetable oil and cooked it on medium heat while I sliced up about 5 tortillas in to strips. I tested the oil with one strip. You could use a meat/candy thermometer to get the oil up to about 350-375. If not, when you put the test strip in the oil, it should immediately start to bubble. Cook until golden brown, less than a minute. Babaysit them or they will burn. I poured myself a bowl of soup and topped with tortillas, sour cream, and shredded cheese.

The Mexican culture apparently has different recipes for Tortilla Soup. Each family (and sometimes different family members) makes it different, so there is no one right way. If I had some avocado I would slice some on top. It has been a rough week, so this soup was so warm and comforting!

Corn tortillas frying up (you could bake them)

Soup warming:

Add your toppings!

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