Weekly Meal Plan 10/19

Hope you all are having a great weekend! Here is our family meal plan for the week! If your life as as crazy as mine, I know it is hard to plan the week in advance. But, even if you just plan for 3 or 4 out of the 7 days out of the week, that is better than nothing!

Sat- Chicken with creamy mushroom sauce
Sun- Chili and cornbread
Monday- Brats and baked beans
Tuesday- Just me and the girls…who know? Maybe Chinese? Maybe breakfast for dinner? Maybe whatever you want that we have night? =) Maybe I should post these hodgepodge nights as a post to show how we can still all eat together, just different. Not short order cook, just warm up what we have, a can of Annie’s Spagetti O’s, or a plate of eggs and cheese with toast.
Wednesday- Out to dinner after B’s gymnastics awards
Thursday- late class…food on the road
Friday- Chicken Friand

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