Easy BBQ Chicken

This recipe is simple. So simple I kinda feel like I cheated somehow. I don’t know; maybe someone has already come up with this recipe before. I honestly didn’t look. I had some thawed chicken thighs that I knew I needed to use ASAP. I was going to use them Friday night for date night. I was going to make this awesome Rachael Ray recipe entitled Panchetta Wrapped Chicken. It was going to be amazing!

But Friday I went on a field trip to Stone Mountain with 50 sixth graders in the cold misty rain. I was so tired. I called my husband. I will make this dinner and it will be amazing, but I kinda just want to get Mexican and drink a big margarita. So we did. I had shrimp and steak fajitas and a nice tall margarita.

Tonight I saw them in the barren fridge. I had some other random foods and lots of condiments. Then I spied the BBQ sauce behind the taco sauce. BBQ poached chicken. I just poured the bottle of BBQ sauce and let the chicken cook in it on low for 1 1/2 hours. Then I took tongs and pulled out the chicken and put it in another pan. I easily shredded the chicken with the tongs. I added back in a little of the BBQ SAUCE. It was that easy! Tomorrow we will have some BBQ chicken sandwiches. 069


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