Weekly Meal Plan 3/22/14

Hey guys! So happy spring is here! Out with the cold and in with the warm! Looking forward to seeing the changes more in the kitchen, too! Lots of yummy veggies coming in to season, and the farmers’ markets are just around the corner! Squeee!

I have been thinking of a way to try to expand my blog just a bit. I am thinking of adding more posts for breakfasts, snacks, and lunches (weekdays, not just weekends). I mostly try to eat at home and bring my lunch to school. For now, I will continue to post dinner meal plans, but I will add in breakfasts and lunches on the blog when I discover something I think you guys may like.

Sat- Chicken and veggie kabobs, pita, and pesto

Sun- Pot Roast and Veggies

Monday- Beef Stroganoff https://funfoodiefamily.com/2013/08/20/crockpot-beef-stroganoff-2/

Tuesday- Pork Scallopini-

Wednesday- Oven Roasted Chicken, veggies, pan roasted potatoes

Th- Daddy is with the girls while I go to class… Jimmy Johns???
Fri- Clean out the fridge night

What is on your meal plan? Happy cooking and eating!

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