Reflections on a New Year

2015…I wanted to make a New Year post. I am sitting here trying to figure out what to say. I know most people say it is a new year and a fresh start. Many resolve to eat better, workout more, spend less money etc. To me it feels just like another day. It always has. BUT this time there is a bit of a difference.

Our 2015 will be a “fresh start” and a “new beginning.” Our family trying to make sense of a normal world. One that doesn’t revolve around hospitals, doctor appointments, and taking care of a sick kid. Our girls have never known any other way, really. Even when times were good and “normal” these last 5 years, they were still not really…

Little things most people don’t even think of. Going places that normal kids and families go to…the library, pool, movies, jumpy places, picnics, vacations etc; learning to ride a bike, roller skating, bowling, etc. Heck, even going out to eat was a pretty big deal!

So for us in 2015, for our new family of four, we will make our lives count. That is our resolution. We will go places; we will do things. We will create our new normal. I will read books (not just middle school novels and cookbooks). I will go to the gym; I will take new and exciting fitness classes. I will take Brutus on runs in the park while the girls ride their bikes/scooters. We will go on trips; camping, skiing, Disney World, beach, etc. We will redo our bathrooms and kitchen to make them awesome. We will go to new restaurants. I will get back in the kitchen and make some damn delicious food. We will live and make our lives count. =) Amy

4 thoughts on “Reflections on a New Year

  1. Amen. We should all be making each day count. You are so strong and such an amazing Mommy to all your girls. I am constantly in awe.


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