Weekend Wrap Up

It has been a great weekend! Here are some fun pics from the weekend!

Katie being a diva…image

Pizza for lunch. Love pineapple on my pizza =)image

Finally a bottle of Coke with my name on it! It was sooooo good!image

I finally cleaned out and organized the “junk” drawer!wpid-20150801_171448.jpg Lots of fun at the pool!wpid-20150802_154401.jpg wpid-20150802_154359.jpg

A fun trip to the farmer’s market with the family. I made a little tomato art ❤


Also got some pretty purple potatoes. Had them with some steak tonight. Everyone loved them! Just cut them thinly on a mandolin. Cooked them in olive oil and salt and pepper until crispy and tender, about 25 minutes.image


Brutus does not like jewelry!wpid-img_20150802_194000.jpgBack to school tomorrow…my room is still all packed up, but I am not worried. It will be ready by the time the students show up. wpid-img_20150801_214039.jpg I also got these cool pencils to make sure my 6th graders don’t forget theirs! wpid-img_20150729_190556.jpg

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