Friday Faves

FINALLY FRIDAY!!! Plus, it is a long weekend, so I am super stoked. My little ladies and I are having a girls’ day tomorrow, Pilates/Kids Yoga in the am, lunch, and movie time =) Dinner out with Daddy (maybe Mexican?) and if it is nice (not raining) I plan on taking the pup for a run. Sunday looks like it might be some sleeping in, Bodyflow, DVRing, working in the kitchen, and running. My dog is middle aged and getting too lazy and a bit fat, so I am going to whip his booty (and mine) in to shape 😉 I might be celebrating Martin Luther King’s birthday cooking my first meal in my new kitchen… We are SOOOOO close!

I have been saving up some of my favorites for a bit, so I thought I would share them with you tonight!

When you are out of bread but craving PBJ, just eat a spoon of PB and your favorite jelly. Or four.
I want to replace all my crappy Tupperware with pretty glass ones.
My new sink is up and running!!!
The Ahi Tuna Salad at Outback. I am a tuna snob…no canned tuna for this girl!
So I just recently ordered this vest from Lulumon. It was on sale and I just couldn’t resist!
Fabuletics dress that I am drooling over. I can see myself throwing this on after a gym sesh or after I strip down after a hot yoga class.
barre socks
When you go to Barre and want to show off your cute toes 😉

I need this table to be a bit higher so I can use it in my kitchen.

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