Friday Faves

My Friday…

Katie’s first grade Fairy Tale Ball- She was Ariel…

  Laundry and a visit to a Dr. =  not my fave


Hubby was late tonight, so I took Becca to cheer practice. I ordered my favorite; Indian take-out.  I made Katie her favorites; sunny side up eggs and toasted English muffins. 

Friday Faves

FINALLY FRIDAY!!! Plus, it is a long weekend, so I am super stoked. My little ladies and I are having a girls’ day tomorrow, Pilates/Kids Yoga in the am, lunch, and movie time =) Dinner out with Daddy (maybe Mexican?) and if it is nice (not raining) I plan on taking the pup for a run. Sunday looks like it might be some sleeping in, Bodyflow, DVRing, working in the kitchen, and running. My dog is middle aged and getting too lazy and a bit fat, so I am going to whip his booty (and mine) in to shape ūüėČ I might be celebrating Martin Luther King’s birthday cooking my first meal in my new kitchen… We are SOOOOO close!

I have been saving up some of my favorites for a bit, so I thought I would share them with you tonight!

When you are out of bread but craving PBJ, just eat a spoon of PB and your favorite jelly. Or four.
I want to replace all my crappy Tupperware with pretty glass ones.
My new sink is up and running!!!
The Ahi Tuna Salad at Outback. I am a tuna snob…no canned tuna for this girl!
So I just recently ordered this vest from Lulumon. It was on sale and I just couldn’t resist!
Fabuletics dress that I am drooling over. I can see myself throwing this on after a gym sesh or after I strip down after a hot yoga class.
barre socks
When you go to Barre and want to show off your cute toes ūüėČ

I need this table to be a bit higher so I can use it in my kitchen.

Friday Faves 12/18

Breakfast with my sweet girlies…



Chillin with my kitty, Oscar



Our sweet little Christmas tree. Since we are in major renovation mode, this little guy is all we can do this year. I think it will become a new tradition to have it up somewhere in the house every year.


Finally got a Fit bit… I am loving it so much! Trying to beat myself.¬†images015


Out to eat at our favorite Greek place


Kids Yoga- My girls go to a kid yoga class while I go to Pilates. They love it so much!


Last day of school before the BREAK!!!! So excited!!!

Friday Faves 12/11/15

Happy Friday, ya’ll! I hope you all had a great week!

It has been an emotional one for me. Yesterday was the anniversary of the  death of my sweet Lizzie. She would be 10 and had been fighting cancer since she was 4. That life was all our little family knew, so it was our normal. This past year we have been trying to get used to figuring out how to live our lives in a whole new way. It has been mostly amazing, but of course we miss our girl more than anything.

Pretty holiday flowers for Lulu.




Learning about Hanukkah.


Holiday parties at the girls’ school.


Dinner at Lizzie’s favorite restaurant- Habatchi =)


After Becca’s party, I went to yoga. ¬†It was so weird going to a class in the middle of the day.

After yoga, I was starving, so I treated myself to an amazing Indian buffet for lunch.  I especially loved the lamb meat balls and the Cheese Paneer. I went back to the buffet twice! I tried EVERYTHING. Soup, salad, veggies, meat, and amazing sauces! Sweet, sour, spicy; I  loved every bite!

This weekend  brings Pilates, parties, shopping, cooking, eating, Barre, family pictures, and DVR catch-up. Hope you have a great weekend!


Friday Faves 3/6/15

FRIDAY!!!! WEEKEND!!!! This is what I have been loving this week…

Crunchy Snacks…



Best I’ve ever had…All I really need for my coffee…Never looking back…

Every week or so we pick out flowers for Lizzie. I add them to a pretty vase and put them next to her urn on our mantle. I know she loves them.

My workout for a couple of weeks thanks to Groupon. If it was closer and cheaper, I would be in it 100%…

Easter candy is out!!!!!

My bedtime snack…

Friday Faves and Meal Planning 1/16/15

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! So thankful for a 3 day weekend! I will be taking a moment on Monday to talk to the girls about the significance of the day and importance of such a great man and leader. It is not just a “day off” but a day to be thankful for one of the greatest men and¬†inspirational leaders this country has ever seen. Our country is definitely not perfect, but I am hopeful that it will continue to improve everyday for ALL¬†people who live in this great nation.

Since we do have a long weekend, I thought I would go ahead and make a meal plan for this week and go shopping after work. As promised, I do have a crockpot meal. I also want to challenge myself to make at least one new meal that requires a technique I have not done before. I know that this will be a tough challenge, but I want to push myself as a home cook. This week it is homemade empanadas.

Meal Plan 1/16/15

Sat- Meaty Lasagna- my parents took the girls tonight for a sleepover so I could have a Girls Night Out!!! So tomorrow I am making them dinner when they drop my sweet peas off.

Sun- Pork Empanadas- I am going to braise a pork loin in coke and soy sauce. Then I am going to make homemade dough. Then I am going to fill the dough with the meat and cheese. Jalapenos will be in some for the adults. The kids will get the mild ones.

Mon- Chicken Stir Fry with Chinese Noodles

Tues- Girls go to dinner with grandparents while I go to yoga and hubby goes to hockey. When I get home from yoga, I am making a “Mommy Meal”-¬† Something like¬†risotto or a pasta of some sort…I bought some of those “fancy” mushrooms and wine, so we shall see =)

Wed- Crock pot Meal- Turkey Chili

Thurs- Leftover Night

Friday- Family Night Out!!!!! GREEK?????

On to things I am loving this week…

Book #2- Wild

Amazing. Almost done. I am laughing, crying, and getting very emotional with this one. I need a light read next week.


My “I’m bored with water but need something that is not soda” drink


Winter sucks my skin dry and this cream is a lifesaver!!!


Reading these on the elliptical. They just balance each other out…





Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!

Friday Faves- 1/9/15

It has been a long time since I have done one of these! I know I said the same thing about my weekly meal plans, throwback Thursday, and many other things.

Everyday is weird. I wake up, get the girls up and off to school, and go to work. I come home and cook dinner,  go to the gym or yoga, read, watch TV, and go to bed. Normal. Normal, but strange and foreign to me. Every day we move through life and try to make the best of what we have and cherish it all. Like I said before, we are trying to live life to the fullest and make our lives count. So that is what we are doing.

So that being said, here are a few things that I have been loving and looking forward to this week…

downloadMy goal is to read at least one book a week. This one was pretty freaking awesome. Crazy, disturbing, and wild. If you haven’t read it, you should. I’m looking forward to watching the movie when my mind is in the right place for it. Right now I am reading Catching Fire (3rd time). Next week,¬†I hope to begin reading Wild before I go see the movie for it.


My workouts—–Vinyasa Yoga-¬†This is¬†¬†usually a¬†faster paced yoga. The¬†¬†assanas (postures) flow ¬†together in a series of movements that are synchronized with the breath.¬†I love it! I got a Groupon for a local Pilates studio, so I have been checking out a lot of their classes. Vinyasa is one of them, but I have also taking some other fun and challenging Pilates classes. I have until the end of the month with that Groupon, then I will try something new. I also have my tried and true gym that I mix it up with. They have a day care there, and the girls love to go with me.

Date Night!!!

So we all love that, right? My gym also has a pretty cheap date night from 6-10 every Friday night. We have not been able to go for a long time, but now we will definitely start going back more often. Tonight we are going to try a new Sushi place. I am super excited!


My favorite TV show…


Have a great weekend!!!!!