Friday Faves

My Friday… Katie’s first grade Fairy Tale Ball- She was Ariel…                 Laundry and a visit to a Dr. =  not my fave   Hubby was late tonight, so I took Becca to cheer practice. I ordered my favorite; Indian take-out.  I made Katie her favorites; sunny side up eggs and toasted English muffins. 

Friday Faves

FINALLY FRIDAY!!! Plus, it is a long weekend, so I am super stoked. My little ladies and I are having a girls’ day tomorrow, Pilates/Kids Yoga in the am, lunch, and movie time =) Dinner out with Daddy (maybe Mexican?) and if it is nice (not raining) I plan on taking the pup for a…

Friday Faves 12/18

Breakfast with my sweet girlies… Chillin with my kitty, Oscar   Our sweet little Christmas tree. Since we are in major renovation mode, this little guy is all we can do this year. I think it will become a new tradition to have it up somewhere in the house every year. Finally got a Fit…

Friday Faves 12/11/15

Happy Friday, ya’ll! I hope you all had a great week! It has been an emotional one for me. Yesterday was the anniversary of the  death of my sweet Lizzie. She would be 10 and had been fighting cancer since she was 4. That life was all our little family knew, so it was our normal….

Friday Faves 3/6/15

FRIDAY!!!! WEEKEND!!!! This is what I have been loving this week… Crunchy Snacks… Best I’ve ever had…All I really need for my coffee…Never looking back… Every week or so we pick out flowers for Lizzie. I add them to a pretty vase and put them next to her urn on our mantle. I know she…