Friday Faves

It has been a LONG time since I have posted one of these! For those new to the blog or  those who may have forgotten, these are posts about things I want to show you that I am loving in my life. They may be products I am trying for the first time, things I have loved forever, or things I am lusting after that I just want to have. Most have to do for food, but nothing is off limits. Here are the things I am loving this week…

I love these with salt and mustard. Perfect CARB snack!
My favorite candy but 2 x bigger =)
Lizzie’s favorite barbecue sauce, so its really the only one we buy anymore. And the ingredients are on point!
The girls and I love these! So much healthier than the other option; But Disney has the BEST corn dogs ever!
I got this in a snack box I get once a month. This is the second time I had this and I am saving the wrapper to order more. LOVE!
I love briny things. Plus they are really great in a martini!
I am obsessed with cherry yogurt.

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