Yesterday I was in the grocery store and saw this…img_0985

I had already grabbed the BOGO chicken breasts, so I immediately grabbed these and knew I wanted to make BBQ chicken pizza.img_0989

First I preheated my oven to 425. I cooked the chicken breasts in a cast iron pan with some salt, pepper, onion powder, and garlic salt. Once it was cooked through, I cut it,  put it in a bowl, and covered it with a bit of barbecue sauce. Then I put a bit of BBQ sauce on the pizza dough. img_0987

I covered it with the entire package of cheese and as much chicken as possible. There was a bit of chicken left, which I am thinking of a lot of good leftover ideas…


I baked it at 425 for  about 15 minutes on the paper I unwrapped the pizza dough in. img_0992

I transferred it to my cutting board where 3 adults got 2 pieces each and 2 kids got one piece each.  While we were full, next time I might try two different pizzas; Who doesn’t love leftover pizza?????  Now that we had this crust, I am not sure we will ever do frozen or cheap takeout again…  img_0994

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