Meal Planning Jan. 21-27

Just last week it was snowy and an icy 14 degrees here in Georgia; today it is 68 degrees and gorgeous! It has been a pretty relaxing weekend so far. We took the dog to the park and played outside in the lovely weather a bit. I went to the grocery store BY MYSELF, which was pretty fantastic. I went with ideas of what I wanted to do for meals this week, but I decided to see where the sales were, especially in the meat section.  I got most of the food for the week in my trip, but I will need to go back  Wednesday or Thursday for a few more things. Have a great evening!

Sunday- Easy Meatball Subs  or here with homemade meatballs


Monday- BBQ Chicken Pizza

Tuesday- Enchiladas

Wednesday-  Breakfast for dinner

Thursday-  Veggie Corn Dogs

Friday- Pork Chops

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