Meal Plan 1/30/16

Hey ya’ll! I hope you are having a lovely Saturday. The weather here is beautiful! The girls and I took the dog on a walk and I almost broke a sweat. So weird how last week there was snow and ice. This is winter in Georgia, so I will take all the pretty days I can.

This is my first meal plan in a LONG TIME! I have enjoyed getting back in to the swing of things the last few weeks. Here are some of my plans for the week. Any recipes you are looking forward to? Please share!

Tonight- Philly Cheese-steaks

Sunday- Something kind of like this… Tomato Garlic Linguine with Mozzarella and Chicken


Monday- Montery Chicken


Tuesday- Cheese and Garlic Tortellini with  Salami and Veggies (cold pasta salad)- mommy meal and lunch leftovers

Wednesday- ??????? Clean Out the Fridge/Leftovers

Thursday- ??????     Clean Out the Fridge/Leftovers

Friday- Out

Have a great rest of the night!


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