Catching Up =)

Hey guys! I hope everyone is having a great day. I think it has been an entire week since I have blogged. Here are some pics and fun shenanigans of the past week and weekend.

Blue Ribbon Meal- Chicken Souvlaki (spiced chicken on a pita with romaine and a yogurt sauce)


Leftover Loving- Leftover Chicken, Broccoli, and Super Cheesy Shells and Cheese
I made a pepperoni quesadilla. This was the before. The after was a magical ooey-gooey  cheesy golden quesadilla that lasted 3 minutes.
My pretty friend came over for a yummy Chinese dinner.
Becca’s special birthday dinner at Medieval Times. Tons of fun!

Happy birthday Becca!!! Today is her actual birthday. She brought doughnuts to school and they were a hit!

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