Weekly Meal Plan 8/6/16

Hello again, friends! I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Sadly, it is my last weekend before school starts back. Since we have to go back to work, school, and cheer practice, I really need to get back in to my weekly meal planning mode. So here is what we will be eating this week…

Saturday- Crispy Cod, corn, and mashed purple potatoes (Blue Apron Meal)

Sunday- Moroccan Lamb and Beef Pitas with Farro Salad (Blue Apron Meal)

Monday- Crockpot Meal- BBQ Pork Sandwiches, mac and cheese, and baked beans

Tuesday-  Something with Chicken????

Wednesday- Out with my girls (Katie’s pick)

Thursday- Leftovers/Clean out the fridge

Friday- Dinner out with Friends

What are you guys eating this week? Any ideas on what to do with that chicken?

Have a great weekend 😉


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