Weekly Meal Plan 8/14/16

Hey friends! Back from the cabin and back to reality! Went to lunch at Mcalister’s Deli with the family then on to Publix for a massive grocery trip. Here is the plan for the week…

Sunday- Tacos

Monday- Chicken Carbonara- made it a few ways before, but I am going to test out a new recipe

Tuesday- Beef Stroganoff 

Wednesday- I have been craving Paneer Tikka Masala and Daal, so I think I will get some Indian takeout and see what spurge the girls want. I am guessing I can tempt them with some Spaghetti O’s and Grilled Cheese. They are pretty easy to please.

Thursday- Pantry Raid! I have some frozen chicken and will have some leftovers and veggies that I will need to use up.

Friday- Family Night Out- – – Maybe a local pizza joint or our favorite Mediterranean place? Only time will tell!

Check out these pretty flowers my parents picked out for Lizzie. I know she loves them!

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