Pizza Night!

6:30 am is going to come way too early tomorrow. We have been staying up late and sleeping in…spring break is just a mean tease for summer break; but we are closing in on the end!  The weekend is winding down and our spring break is almost over, so I wanted to do something fun for dinner. The girls love making pizza, so I bought these at the store the other day so we could try something different. img_0480


We made 3 pizzas. 1- Black Olive, Mushroom, and Bacon 2- Salami, Bacon, and Mushroom 3- Mushroom and Ricotta All were topped with mozzarella and Parmesan.

We all love mushrooms, obviously. I sauteed some in a bit of Worcestershire sauce with some pepper. So delicious! These flatbread pizzas turned out great, so I would recommend them. But if you had some pita or Naan, that would work out great, too! Dinner was ready super quick!  img_0481img_0490

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