Eggs Anytime!

Evening friends! It has been a few days since I have updated on the blog. Not too much going on here. Just enjoying summer! Sleeping in, lots of trips to the pool, movie time, workout classes I don’t normally get a chance to go to, catching up on Netflix shows, etc…

The other day after yoga, I came home starving. I really needed some protein, but I wanted something on the lighter side.  I noticed some wilting spinach, so I made up this scramble of spinach, mushrooms,  and topped it with a over easy egg. Perfection!img_1788

Tonight I came home to an empty house after Barre class, so I decided to make a dish that only I would eat, or as my family and friends call it, an Amy Meal (above is one as well).  I chopped up an onion, mushrooms, an ear of corn, and a yellow squash and sauteed them.  I started the onions and mushrooms for the first 6 minutes, then added in the squash, then corn. I mixed them well and cooked them another 6 minutes or so. Salt and pepper to taste as you go.img_1802-1

Then I added in the scrambled eggs (6-8) and mixed them around a bit. I cooked them until the edges were set up, then added mozzarella and feta to the top.  I popped it in a 350 oven for about 15 minutes. If I had some fresh herbs, I would have sprinkled a bit on top. It is really yummy, and now I have a fast go-to in the fridge for a fast snack or meal!


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