Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and Oatmeal Cookies

I got the idea to make these about 30 minutes after the girls went to bed. R came out on the landing and asked if I was making popcorn without her. I said, “No, I am not making popcorn!” But I am making cookies…Oh, she will be so happy in the morning. She may even want to eat them for breakfast when she sees them. Well, they do have oatmeal and peanut butter! If that mom on TV can serve Nutella on toast, then this is kinda the same thing, right? I say even better. Everything is healthy as long as it has oatmeal!

Mix together about half a container of peanut butter (I used smooth, but crunchy would be yummy), 2 chocolate bars (you could use chocolate chips), and 1 cup of oatmeal (quick cooking) in a pot on the stove on LOW heat. Once combined, scoop your cookie dough on a silicone sheet or parchment paper using an ice cream scoop.


Put in the fridge to set up and cool. A few may have been eaten before this picture was taken. I have also made these with a combo of Nutella, PB, and oatmeal. If they don’t last more than 1 sitting, just keep them in the fridge.

So addictive!


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