Wonton Cheese Sticks

I’m a sucker for a good cheese stick, but they can be hit or miss when you get them out at different restaurants. You have to eat them as soon as they come out of the fryer, and if they even sit around for just a few minutes, they can get cold and the cheese isn’t melty anymore.

I remember seeing different recipes on Pinterest on how to make your own cheese sticks. Some were breaded and deep fried, some were oven baked, and they all used different cheeses. A couple of weeks ago, I saw someone else make them with wonton wrappers and string cheese. I set out to make my own version. I have some wonton wrappers and lots of different cheese in my fridge. I decided to use a leftover mozzarella ball.


It is so simple really. Heat up some vegetable oil in a nice size pot. Not too much; this will be a shallow fry. Use a candy thermometer and get your oil to about 365.

Cut up some pieces of mozzarella. You could use any kind of melty cheese. place it in the middle and wrap your cheese like a little burrito. So easy, I had some little hands who wanted to help me. I just brushed the edges with water to keep them together.

Place them in your oil and cook on each side about 2 minutes or until you see the bottom turning nice and golden brown.


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