Berry Smoothie

So I accidentally bought silken tofu instead of extra firm. 🤷‍♀️ I decided to make a smoothie. It turned out great!

Rose Water Sprinkle Vanilla Cake

So after my week, I felt like I needed some cake and sprinkles in my life! Boxed cake with my Amy sprinkle touch… I am not sure why I thought this would work, but it is the BEST CAKE EVER! Follow the directions… Add a heaping tablespoon of rose water…Add in a bunch of sprinkles….

Cream Cheese Berry Hand-Pies

I made these yummy little hand pies yesterday. Becca and I really love them, but I made enough to share with my neighbor. I made one with just raspberries, a few with both, and the rest with blueberries. I rolled out the pie crusts and cut them in 4 pieces each (8 all together). On…