Pound Cake

E wanted Strawberry Shortcake. It was her job at the store to remind me to get a pound cake or angel food cake from the bakery. She didn’t, but she said that I could just make some. Challenge accepted! Pinterest helped me with this.

Pound Cake:
•4 cups all purpose flour
•3 cups sugar
•1 pound butter (real butter)
•¾ cups milk
•6 eggs
•2 tsp. vanilla

1.Add into a bowl in order above. Beat with electric mixer for 1 minute on slow. Scrape sides of bowl and beat for an additional 2 minutes on high. Pour into a greased and floured bundt pan. Bake at 325 for 1 hour 30 minutes. Cool 15 minutes. Invert on cake plate and cool.

I didn’t have a Bundt pan…my neighbor didn’t either, so I borrowed her spring form pan. It turned out pretty good anyways. Clean plates all around! The Bundt would have been a better vessel…guess that means I need to invest in one. =)



Mommy and daughter taste test…

Cut and macerate your strawberries in 3 tablespoons of sugar and a bit of water.


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