A Day for my Lulu

Evening, y’all! So today would be my sweet Lizzie’s 10th birthday. Lots of emotions, but trying to focus on all the good times.

I woke up early and went to a barre class, one of my favorite workouts. Then I went to the first farmer’s market of the season. What a beautiful morning! I bought a coffee to drink while I checked out all the vendors. Lots of great stuff. I bought some kale, a bunch of radishes, some pimento goat cheese, and some cinnamon bread (Lizzie’s favorite).

Then I came home to a sleepy family still in their pajamas. Everyone had some waffles and cinnamon bread and got ready to head out to a local strawberry farm. We picked TONS of yummy strawberries and had a blast.
After we came home, we all had a pretty chill afternoon… Jimmy Johns Lunch, Naps, TV, playing outside. I made one of her favorite meals for dinner; Pork Ragu with Bucatini and Strawberry Shortcake.





Tomorrow I am going to a Bodyflow class (Thai Chi, Pilates, and Yoga Fusion class) and hanging out with awesome friends at the new Avengers movie. Hope you guys have a fantastic Sunday!

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