Meal Plan 5/4/15

Evening friends! I hope everyone has had a great weekend. We just got back from seeing the new Avengers movie. It was pretty awesome, and I highly recommend it. Even if you have no idea about comic books (I am totally clueless), you will have a great time; fun movie for sure!

Something else that is pretty awesome? Only 3 more weeks until summer!!! Can’t wait to spend the days with my girls being lazy, going to the pool, gardening, and cooking on the fly. The last couple of weeks have been pretty crazy, so I have not really made a meal plan. The next few weeks will probably be crazy, too, but we need to eat at home. I need to cook for my sanity and our wallets. Here is what is on the menu for this week…

Monday- Pork Chops, Couscous, and veggie Maybe these???
Tuesday- Pasta Carbonara- always a favorite…new recipe…
Wednesday- Hummus Sesame Noodles- Say what? I saw this in a Rachael Ray Magazine. This is a mommy meal for sure!
Thursday- Honey Sriracha Wings Same idea as this
Friday- Chicken Sorrentini Pasta sort of like this

I have this beauty chilling in the fridge for the perfect moment. Hoping tomorrow night will be beautiful so I can sit outside and read and drink a couple glasses. Have a great week! See ya real soon! CHEERS!

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