Cheesy Bacon Cornbread

Happy New Year! I live in Georgia, and I am cursing the cold weather here. If you are reading my blog in colder parts of the country, Canada, or other colder areas, I am sorry to complain. It is 20ish degrees and windy and probably won’t snow anytime soon. I hate JAN. and FEB. in GA. It is cold, windy, cloudy, and rainy. There is not much sun and everyone is grumpy. To combat this, I tend to stay inside for about 2 months eating soup and drinking coffee, red wine, and hot tea. I have to go to work; sometimes I make it to the gym; mostly I stay under a blanket catching up on reading and drinking the above drinks.

I made this soup yesterday and have already had 3 servings. Basically, I cleaned out my fridge and freezer and combined them in my dutch oven with chicken stock…

Tonight, I made Cheesy Bacon Cornbread. It was easy. I just followed the directions for cornbread on the package of yellow corn meal and added 4 pieces of chopped bacon and a cup of Montery Jack cheese. Then I sprinkled a bit more cheese on the top. There was no carrot juice used…Rebecca and I shared a shot while we mixed the cornbread. =) Let the kids help you mix this yummy concoction!
The last picture is all that was left after dinner. 005




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