Grilled Chicken Caesar Wraps

Another snow day! I am ready for winter to be over, but since I am stuck at home, I can at least make a healthy lunch for my family! My husband got the idea at the store the other day to take this to work for lunch, but since we are home, we all got to enjoy.

I butterflied and grilled up some chicken breasts on my cast iron stove top grill. These are a great investment for grilling in the winter. Then I sliced up some romaine lettuce and warmed up some Naan bread (you could use pita, flat bread, or tortilla) on the eye of the gas stove. I sliced up the chicken on the cutting board. My husband and I built our sammies and topped it with Caesar dressing.

I served the girls “deconstructed,” because the girls are not really into lettuce or dressings, but we make them try everything at least once each time at the table. Lizzie is beginning to get the taste for lettuce, so hopefully the others will come around.



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