Weekly Meal Plan 3/8

Hope you guys had a great week full of yummy food! Here is what is on the menu this week…

Sat- Mussels with White Wine with Lemon Aioli and Crusty Bread

Sun- Chicken Cacciatore

Monday- Chinese Take-Out- Once a month my good friend from college comes over and we have a girls night (well, with my family). We rotate cooking and ordering Chinese =) My husband puts the girls to bed while the two of us catch up and finish up the wine =) So much fun!

Tuesday- Enchiladas

Wednesday- Kielbasa and Veggie Pasta

Thursday- Celebrate Becca’s B-Day with grandparents- They let her pick…She has already picked like 6 places, so we will see…

Friday- Becca’s B-day! She gets to pick with us…same as above…

Sat- Her SLUMBER PARTY!!! We are making mini-pizzas and ice cream sundaes

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