Weekly Meal Plan 4/26

Hey guys! Hope you had an awesome week! Mine was long and tedious. Glad the weekend is here. Here is my plan for the week. p.s. still didn’t eat those tacos from the last 2 weeks… Those taco shells are just mocking me now…

Sat- Stovetop lasagna- recipe soon…
Sun- Fish fillets of sorts…better than you know who…
Mon- Pork Chops- Gonna do a homemade Shake and Bake of sorts…
Tues- Steak- guys, seriously, this is my FAVORITE thing to eat. It is one of the best leftover cold foods out there. Well, except pizza.
Wed- Chicken of some sort- I am not sure what yet
Th- Grandparent night
Friday- Family Night Out

My pup waiting for food he thinks he might get…

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