Friday Faves 5/9/14

I have not done one of these post in a really long time. Here are some of my favorite things this week.

This Book…


I have fond memories reading this book in AP French class almost 20 years ago now! Wow! I am getting so old! Now I just stick to the English version. My French is a bit rusty.

My Pets-

Pumpkin- my one-eyed pirate kitty. He is 13 years old and was my first baby. Such a snuggler. I have another orange Tabby cat, Oscar. He is pretty sweet when he feels like it.

Brutus- He is a mama’s boy, for sure! Just look at those eyes!

Diet Dr. Pepper- Don’t judge!


Yogurt and Granola- A great warm weather breakfast or snack!



These 3 adorable munchkins!

Instagram is my new favorite social media site. I know it is not new, but I started following lots of people who post cool pictures.
You can follow me at amybtwink 😉

Have a GREAT weekend!!!

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